Waste to Energy
Sustainable Packaging

Waste to Energy Sustainable Packaging

Why BioFlex?

BioFlex™ delivers a product that matches the qualities of your current packaging while offering a sustainable edge. Your customers don’t have to change their behaviour to make a positive environmental impact and it can be seamlessly integrated into your supply chain.

How to use it

After using BioFlex™ packaging, simply throw it in the garbage bin for landfill collection. This gives the package a second life to be converted into renewable energy.

Scientifically Proven

As a brand owner or a consumer, it is always important to verify
sustainable solutions and claims. BioFlex™ has been verified through standardized third-party testing including ASTM D5511, D5526, and BMP (Bio-Methane Potential) to confirm that BioFlex™ increases biogas production.

Easy for consumers

Unlike other solutions, BioFlex™ utilizes existing infrastructure and does not require consumers to change their habits. Simply throw the empty bag into the trash can for landfill pickup. 


Reduce your environmental impact

Boost sales with enhanced finishes and graphics

Same look and feel as non-sustainable flexible packaging

Extend product shelf-life


The energy potential from 38.4 million tonnes of annual plastic waste in North America was captured and
converted to electricity. That’s enough to power 48 million Electric Cars a year!

How Does Waste to Energy works?

Landfill Gas Energy Production Facts

✓ In 2021, Landfill Gas (LFG) energy projects produced enough energy to power 1.1 million homes in the US*

✓ Modern landfills can generate biogas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – unlike sun or wind that are dependant on other factors

✓LFG energy projects can capture 60 to 90% of the methane from decomposing garbage that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere

✓ The number of LFG energy projects increased from 370 in 2017 to 550 in 2021 – a 48.6% increase in four years

✓ Current operational LFG energy projects can produce up to 12 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, and 99 billion cubic feet of landfill gas to end
    users annually*

* DISCLAIMER: BioFlex™ has been shown to produce biogases 22 times faster than conventional plastic in the ideal conditions of an anaerobic digestor landfill over the course of 2.13 years, using the ASTM D5511-12 test.  When disposed of in a landfill with modern biogas capture technologies, this energy can be harnessed as a source of renewable energy. Such a facility may not exist in your area.

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