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Layfield Recyclable Packaging

Our comprehensive portfolio of recyclable packaging is made of 100% PE structures and offers a unique combination of high-performance features, with a variety of popular packaging formats ideal for multiple product applications.

Layfield is a pioneer in the North American stretch hood film market, and we have a new innovative film structure for you. We know that when you have the right product for your operation, the film won’t tear, puncture or leak and the pallet will arrive at its destination just as it was shipped.

The corners of our Edge Guard enhanced pallet wrap are significantly thicker, allowing for toughness in the area where you need the most performance against puncture and wear from the draw down rollers.

Layfield’s ShrinkFlex™ film is a low-cost and effective method to palletize products. It has medium shrink force for a variety of applications. Unlike some other palletization products, it does not require high-cost equipment to use.

Pallet Bags & Covers

Layfield offers a wide selection of pallet bags and covers in a variety of sizes, formats, and structures, based on your specific needs.

Low slip, texturized film for increased machinability and package handling

Performance Features


UV Stability


Rotogravure Printing

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